Do you hear the children cry?

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In Why Didn’t They Hear Us? The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions to Children Feeling Unheard, Author Pam Orgeron addresses the problem of children in America being unheard. Were you one of those children? Perhaps an abused, neglected, or foster child?

In writing this book Pam combines her education, research, and life experience to compile a book that will help adults in recovery from being unheard as a child and help adults—whether parents; teachers, clinicians, or others—who work with children regularly.

In Why Didn’t They Hear Us? you will find:

  • Examples from the author’s life and from research about how children are harmed when they have no voice.
  • Hope and encouragement for adults unheard as children to not repeat the same mistakes with children today.
  • Proposals to minimize the problem of children not given a voice in society.

Are you ready to become a part of the solution to the problem of children being unheard? If so, this book is for you!

Prior Praise for Why Didn’t They Hear Us?

“First, let me say, bravo to the author for having written this book. Obviously, this was a huge undertaking; however, she made it very clear and easy to understand all the associated issues. Secondly, I applaud her efforts to bring children’s voices to light. This is such an amazing cause, often overlooked or misunderstood.”

  • Donna Sager Cowan, Children’s Author, Speaker, Inspirer; Creator of the Superhero School series; Author of With the Courage of a Mouse and With the Curiosity of a Cat

“Explore the world of overlooked, misunderstood and unheard children in this book written by Pam Orgeron, a former student of mine, who understands personally what it is to be unheard, and unappreciated. Learn about the system that has failed so many children and the ways in which these damaged souls can be healed.”

  • Sandra K. Henry (Thompson), Retired English Teacher, Fairview High School, Ashland, KY

“Just reading the acknowledgment and introduction to Why Didn’t They Hear Us? was intriguing and inspirational. Right away I wanted to read more and many of my patients came to mind that could benefit and most importantly receive healing just knowing they are not alone with not being heard as a child. After reading the rest I believe there is much healing and encouragement to be found by all who will take the time to read this book. I will be recommending this as a must-read for many of the people who come to me for help.”

  • Eugene (Gene) H. Benedict, M.A., LPC-S, San Antonio, Texas

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