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Why Didn’t They Hear Us? Coming This Fall!

Written by Pamela K. Orgeron, M.A., Ed.S., BCCC, ACLC

Many of the followers of ABC’s Ministries will remember the article When Children Go Unheard that I wrote last year. In that article, I expressed my plans to write a book about children in America who have no voice, including abused, neglected, and foster children, in particular. Forced into isolation from the pandemic, which I turned into a sabbatical to write, I have completed the text of the book, also changing the title. The new title is Why Didn’t They Hear Us?  The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions to Children Feeling Unheard. Typically, I self-publish any books I author through ABC’s Ministries. However, this upcoming new release will be published by Author Academy Elite.

Before I forget, I want to thank those of my followers who participated in the “Children without Voices” survey. Your insight and comments were invaluable in making the new book much richer in content. Data, comments, and suggestions from the survey are noted and interspersed throughout Why Didn’t They Hear Us?. Also within the covers of Why Didn’t They Hear Us? you will find:

  • Examples from my life and from the research of how children are harmed when they have no voice.
  • Hope and encouragement for adults unheard as children to not repeat the same mistakes with children today.
  • Proposals to minimize the problem of children not given a voice in society.

Are you ready to become a part of the solution to the problem of children being unheard? If so, this book scheduled to be released on October 1, 2020, is for you!

4 thoughts on “Why Didn’t They Hear Us? Coming This Fall!”

  1. Thank you for the link I would love to get a copy of your book
    Why didn’t they hear us? This is an awesome title with topics people don’t usually like to touch I hope to publish my poems They are all Christ centered mostly talking about the goodness of the Lord But there are a few deep ones Looking for the leading of the Holy Spirit 😀


  2. Thank you for your encouragement! I will be sure to post when the book is available. May God lead you as you seek to be a light for Him through your poetry. Do you have a publisher? Or are you going to self-publish?


    1. I thought about self publishing However it’s too expensive for me So I’m waiting for God to open up a door


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