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Gillion’s Worth, A 50th Wedding Anniversary Song


Compiled by Pamela K. Orgeron, M.A., Ed.S., BCCC, ACLC, Author

Besides a copy of his autobiography, Recollections of a Common Man, which was the springboard for my writing A Legacy to Remember, another gift from my late cousin Duard Vinson Gillum that I will always cherish is a copy of an anniversary song that he wrote for his wife Ruth on their 50th wedding anniversary December 10, 2006. My prayer is that the words and substance of “Gillion’s Worth” will encourage couples today to stay true to each other until death do they part, as God intended marriage to be. No doubt, this would have been my cousin’s desire too.

My cousin always stayed true to Ruth, even after she developed Alzheimer’s Disease and had to be placed in a nursing home.

While not attending later reunions or visiting relatives back East, Tiny visited Ruth daily, sometimes walking the 2 miles from his home. During a conversation with his late Aunt Earl’s granddaughter Pam Owens during a visit to Kentucky in 2003, Tiny spoke of how many individuals often asked him, “Why do you do it? Why are you so dedicated to visit Ruth daily when she doesn’t even know who you are?”

“She may not know who I am, but I know who she is,” was always his reply. This spoke deeply to Pam of the depth of Tiny’s love and commitment to Ruth, setting an example of a “marriage made in Heaven”, as Tiny’s Aunt Earl would have described Tiny and Ruth’s marriage. (From A Legacy to Remember, p. 217)

Tiny Ruth at Care Center
Pictured is my cousin with his wife Ruth in the later stages of her Alzheimer’s Disease. The photo was taken on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, December 10, 2006.

Below are the lyrics followed by a recording of the song “Gillion’s Worth” that was given to me. 

Gillion’s Worth
(A Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Song)

Fifty years ago today,
     How time has slipped away
Since you became my wife,
     For our entire life.
And, that day we said I do,
     We promised to be true.

Those sparkling eyes so blue,
     Emphasize my love for you.
Our love will always be.
     You mean the world to me.
Though we are old and gray,
     I still love you every day.

You are my pretty girl.
     You set my heart atwirl.
I love you a Gillion’s worth,
     All there is upon this earth.
And, I said it all before,
     Couldn’t love you anymore.

Each morning as I wake,
     I ask the Lord to make
My day with you a thrill.
     Our needs He will fulfill.
And, I pray the Lord above,
     To bless us as we share our love.

If I live a hundred years,
     Won’t forget the laughs and tears.
And, among the thing I hold dear,
     Is the way you made it clear.
In those fifty years gone by,
     Our love will never die.

Lyrics by D. V. Gillum
Music by Bob Blair
Vocal by Bob Blair
Guitar Accompaniment by Bill Batstone

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