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Looking Ahead After Bereavement Break

Written by Pamela K. Orgeron, M.A., Ed.S., BCCC, ACLC, Author

Sorry I haven’t been as active writing blogs as usual. For those who don’t know, my mother passed away Saturday,  October 6.  A couple of weekends before that I was out-of-town helping to take care of her. I really have no regrets in taking the time off.  Although, some of you may have missed our weekly blog, which we typically released at midnight on Sundays. We hope to get back on a regular schedule soon.

What’s happening with ABC’s Ministries now? First of all, we are making plans to convert our best-selling book Food as an Idol: Finding Freedom from Disordered Eating into an e-book format. We are hoping to have the new format out by late November.

Of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner! That’s exciting! We love the decorating and preparing for all the festivities of the holiday season. We’ve already started buying extra “goodies” to put in the freezer to have during the holidays. Typically, I have a list of homemade holiday recipes that I prepare each year. I am not sure how much of that I will be able to do this year. That depends on my health. A few of you may know that earlier this year doctors discovered an abnormal mass in my left lung. Don’t worry! Cancer has been ruled out! Doctors are doing a CT Scan every six months to see whether the mass is growing. My next check up is scheduled for mid-December.  We’d appreciate your prayers on that.

We don’t know what good things God has in store for us but we know great things are ahead. God revealed that to us through a double rainbow we saw after visiting an aunt who is about to turn 95 years old. The pictures I share don’t do justice to the in person siting.


Other than that, we have nothing new to report. My husband Milton and I hope and pray that all of our followers are doing well. Please feel free to send us your prayer requests. Blessings to all!

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