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What’s your take on Ford’s accusations? Here’s mine!

Written by Pamela K. Orgeron, M.A., Ed.S., BCCC, ACLC, Author

From my insight as a Board Certified Christian Counselor and a survivor of sexual abuse, I have no doubt that there is something wrong with Dr. Ford’s story. I don’t believe her! For whatever reason, I believe she is falsely accusing Kavanaugh.

Too many holes exist in Dr. Ford’s story. First, I have doubts that the whole situation she described even occurred. For her to say she can’t remember all the details of the alleged event is a big red flag to me. I know in my own experience of past sexual abuse I remember every detail surrounding the circumstances  of my rape, including why I was where I was and exactly where I was at the time; and, I was only three years old at the time, significantly younger than Dr. Ford was when she says Kavanaugh molested her.

A number of theories have crossed my mind as to why Dr. Ford is falsely accusing Kavanaugh. My first thought was how much is someone paying her to try to cause trouble for Kavanaugh. Another thought that came to my mind is that perhaps she had a crush on him at one time, or that for some reason she just didn’t like him. Her accusations may be the result of unresolved feelings from an old crush that was not mutual or from some petty grudge she had against him years ago that he was unaware of. If either is the case, she needs to get over it.

Dr. Ford may have sexual abuse in her past. However, I do not believe Kavanaugh is the perpetrator. With two other men claiming responsibility for what she says happened and with the number of witnesses saying she is lying, I do not believe  Kavanaugh was involved if Dr. Ford was molested or gang raped as the rumors state. Even if what Dr. Ford says is true and Kavanaugh was involved, the alleged incident happened too long ago to judge Kavanaugh’s character by now. People do change, and to my knowledge Kavanaugh is a fine upstanding man of character now.

If I based my decisions of whom to vote for on someone’s past, I wouldn’t vote for anyone. We all have pasts. Even President Trump had old skeletons in his closet but I voted for him anyway because I believed and still believe that he is the best person for the position at this point in time. I encourage everyone to get behind and support Kavanaugh. Let this idle gossip go away, and that’s exactly what Dr. Ford’s accusations are without a police report from that time or any proof now.

I encourage the Judiciary Committee and others responsible for deciding the next Supreme Court Justice to move forward in approving President Trump’s nomination of Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice.

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