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“Mommy will do it.”


Editor’s Note: With Mother’s Day approaching and Mom’s birthday coming up May 25, I wanted to write a tribute to my mother,  Patricia Ann Sturgill Owens, whom I love dearly and always have loved; although, we haven’t always had the best relationship, which is not uncommon in many mother/daughter relationships. I hope and pray Mom has a wonderful Mother’s Day and birthday month this year.

Written by Pamela K. Orgeron (aka, Owens), M.A., Ed.S., BCCC, ACLC, Author

Would you believe my first nickname in my earliest childhood days was “Mommy will do it”? Yes, before becoming “Daddy’s Girl” at the age of four years old, I have been told that I was “Mommy’s Girl”. In elementary and junior high school, I remember my uncle Garland Sturgill used to tease me, always calling me, “Mommy will do it”. He told me that he called me that name because when I was very young whenever he asked me to do something, I’d always reply, “Mommy will do it”. I don’t recall much about that early bond that Mom and I had in the first four years of my life. I wish I could remember more.

I have a lot to thank Mom for over my lifetime. She taught me a lot about cooking and about how to keep an immaculate house. I want to thank you, Mom, for sharing all of our family’s favorite recipes and all the cooking tips you shared with me along the way. As for housecleaning, Milton and I could never live up to your standards. You were the best at keeping your house in order.  That’s probably because you did most of the work yourself and never overloaded me with household chores, enabling me to have more time for studying to keep my grades high. Thank you for that! Otherwise, I could not have done as well academically. The downfall with my not being in the habit of or learning to enjoy housecleaning is that now I tend to follow a more lax housekeeping goal—”Keep the house clean enough to be healthy but messy enough to look lived in.”

Seriously, I learned a lot from Mom’s successes and failures, as we all experience both. That’s just life! Mom was a positive role model especially in how to put together a great meal, how to dress, and in how to be a frugal shopper. How she loved to shop when she could find a good sale!! Finally, I also am grateful for the example both she and Dad set in always being in church every time the church doors were open, if at all possible. I’m that way now. Unfortunately, I miss a lot due to health issues and/or lack of transportation.

Oh, yes, Mom, I hope you aren’t offended by my sharing the beautiful photo of us taken together back in 2001.  I know how you hate having your picture on the Internet but I know both Patrick and I both sometimes sneak in a photo of you here and there. Only the good ones, of course! 

In closing, Mom, I wish you the best Mother’s Day and birthday yet. I know you still miss Dad, as I do. But, I also have no doubt Dad is looking down from Heaven smiling at both of us now. May God bless us to make many more memories together while we both have sound minds. I love you, Mom! I also am most grateful to having had you as my mother. May God bless you always!

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