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A Glimpse of Heaven

Revelation 21:4 – And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

By Pamela K. Orgeron, M.A., Ed.S., BCCC, ACLC

Everyone has heard or read of those individuals with near death experiences where people report of having gone to Heaven. Do you believe the reports? I do! Why do I believe them? Because I too have my own account of having been in Heaven. Here’s what happened:

With the requirements for my bachelor’s degree from Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia completed in late 1985 and unable to find employment in my home town  Ashland, Kentucky, the decision was made for me to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee in January, 1986 where one of my older cousins who was already established in Nashville would help me in making a new start in life. I was quite overwhelmed with the prospects, and hated leaving loved ones behind.

One such loved one I hated to leave behind was a first cousin, Emma Lee McGlone (aka, Moore), who also had been a best friend and confident for several years. While I was making plans to relocate, Emma was taking courses in nursing at Ashland Community College. I too wanted and encouraged Emma to move to Nashville once she had completed her nursing degree. However, Emma never had that opportunity.

“I’m sorry I have some bad news for you,” my dad told me over the telephone that summer. “Emma’s gone.”

“What?” I replied.

“Emma’s gone. She’s dead.” I’ll never forget the shock and pain the moment I heard those words. A part of me went into denial. “No, not Emma! What happened?”

“Your Uncle Garland and I found her dead. They don’t know what happened,” Dad explained. Immediately, I went on an emotional roller coaster of regret and guilt, as not long before on July 4th, I had felt impressed to call and talk with Emma. Not wanting to interrupt any July 4th celebrations she and her family might be enjoying and not really having a lot of extra money to pay for long distance calls, I shunned the prodding of the Holy Spirit to call her. Shame on me! I learned a big lesson that day: I vowed that whenever the Lord puts someone on my heart and mind that strongly, if at all possible, I would contact that individual as soon as possible.

Unable to return to Kentucky for Emma’s viewing and funeral, for days I cried and stressed over the fact that I  had not been able to say good-by to Emma. My grieving and wrestling with the Holy Spirit didn’t seem like it would ever end. I felt cheated that I had not been able to say good-by and find closure in Emma’s death.

Then one night I was awakened from a light sleep. I sensed someone’s presence in the room with me. I heard my name called, “Pam”. I looked down at the foot of my bed and saw an angelic being hovering over the bed. A bit surprised, I heard, “Fear not.”

“Okay. What’s your name?” I asked the angelic being.

“Michael,” I heard.

“I can remember that. Michael is one of my favorite names.”

“I know.”

“How do you know?”

“Reach up and take my hand,” I was instructed to do. I reached up and took the hand of Michael. “Shut your eyes,” he said. When I shut my eyes, suddenly I felt my spirit leave my body and felt myself traveling very fast through what I thought was some sort of tunnel. Suddenly just as quickly as we started, we stopped.

“Open your eyes”, Michael said. I obeyed. In front of me was the most beautiful scenery. What caught my attention most was the peace and purity I felt there. There was no pollution. In a distance I saw my cousin. She was so beautifully dressed in a long white robe with a light blue sash around her waist and over one shoulder. She also had wings. Behind her I could see the most beautiful mountains and sky.


“Yes, it’s me Pam.” I wish I could hug her, I thought. I no sooner had that thought than I was in her arms. She assured me,”It’s okay, Pam. I’m happy here.”

“I’ll meet you in Glory,” I told Emma.

After Emma and I hugged for a few moments, Michael spoke to me again, “Close your eyes.” No sooner than I closed my eyes, I found myself back in my body in my bed feeling such an overwhelming peace that I had never felt before or haven’t felt since then. There was a light leaving my room. After that experience, I never again felt regret or remorse over Emma’s death.

I never told anyone about what happened until years later when I told my father. I told Dad, “I believe God gave me that experience to be able to tell Emma Lee good-by.”

“Probably so,” Dad responded. He believed me, as he knew how close Emma and I had been growing up and how grieved I was by her death.

Years later when I heard about the story of Colton Burpo’s experience in Heaven, out of curiosity and wanting to compare notes I thought, I want to read that book. When I could I purchased and read, Heaven is for Real (Nelson, 2010). I was amazed at the similarities in what I remembered and in Colton’s account of Heaven–the dress described, for example. I also could identify with his telling that you don’t have to walk places, as soon as you have the thought, you are there. That’s how I remember it when I wished I could hug Emma. No one can ever take away or deny what happened to me. It’s one of my many testimonies of miracles God has performed in my life.

Do you have a near-death or similar experience that you would like to share? We’d love to hear your testimonies.





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