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Faith through Uncertain Times

By Pamela K. Orgeron, M.A., Ed.S., BCCC, ACLC

Now that the PET Scan is over I wonder what will the future hold for me. Wonder, yes; but worry, no.  If a doctor said to you, “We need a biopsy to rule out cancer”, how would you react? I think most people would stress and worry but I choose to trust God. The doctors finding a mass in my lung is no surprise to God.

As I waited this morning for the medicine to get into my system before they could do the PET Scan, my husband Milton caught a glimpse of the peace I felt while waiting. In the first photo, Milton catches me trying to catnap while waiting. In the second photo, after I mentioned I was still cold with the hospital blanket on me, he decided to layer our coats on top of the blanket. We laughed, as Milton made a joke out of the situation.

IMG_20171207_101625              IMG_20171207_102146

As I look at the photos I see my face reflecting peace and joy, the kind that Jesus only can give.

Monday I am scheduled to see a lung specialist. At that point we will decide how best to do the biopsy that will rule out cancer, which I have no doubt will be the outcome. However, if I am unpleasantly surprised with a different outcome, I have experienced so much trauma and physical pain in my life to know that God will bring me through whatever trials I face to become a better and stronger individual. If not, then Heaven awaits me where I will be reunited with my father and many other loved ones who have gone on before me.

Are you facing a crisis of uncertainty? Are you entering, in the middle of, or coming out of a trial? If so, remember everyone has trials. Stay positive and look to God for your strength. Reacting negatively and stressing over things we have no control over will only make the circumstances worse by perhaps adding ulcers, high blood pressure, stress headaches, etc. to whatever is happening.

Has faith carried you through a trial? Or are you facing a time of uncertainty? We’d love to hear your stories of how God brought you or is seeing you through your storm.


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