Recovery, Disordered Eating, Healing Sexual Abuse

In the beginning was the Word…

Hi everyone, our names are Milton and Pam Orgeron, happily married and general partners in our home business ABC‘s Ministries. ABC‘s is an acronym for Abolishing apathetic attitudes, Building Biblical behavior patterns, and Choosing Christ-like character. We are pro-life and believe that marriage is defined Biblically as only being between one man and one woman, his wife.

Through ABC’s Ministries we want to be salt and light in the dark world of sin we face daily. As husband and wife, we believe we are one in Christ: although, our marriage is like a triangle. God is at the top of this triangle. Only by keeping Him first can we fulfill our call to reach out to the lost and hurting in a decaying world.  We each have our own stories of overcoming. Pam has faced witnessing a murder as a young child and its aftermath; sexual, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse; overcoming an eating disorder; an annulment in an earlier marriage, miscarriages, lost jobs, and more. Milton also knows the pain of lost jobs, a broken marriage and the heartbreak of being estranged from family members he loves. With what we have learned through our trials and past education, by starting this new Website we hope to offer others hope and healing that can only be found through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Through each post our desire is to glorify and reflect our Heavenly Father by using Scripture, and to share personal examples of how each Scripture is applicable to our lives. We look forward to hearing your stories too of how Scriptural truths have manifested in others’ lives.

We hope you will enjoy and be encouraged through the new ABC’s Ministries Web site. We are open to feedback as to how we might improve in areas to better serve you and society in general. Please feel free to suggest topics of interest that you might like us to research and write about. Topics of interest that Pam specializes in as a Board Certified Christian Counselor, an Advanced Christian Life Coach, and author are disordered eating, issues of abuse, and health & wellness. Milton knows a lot about the Bible, Bible history, and music.

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