ABC’s Ministries: Our Beginning

ABC’s Ministries first began fall 2003 as a sole proprietorship with the publication of Pam’s first book entitled The ABC’s of Life for Children and Adults: Short Stories, Essays, and Poems Promoting Christian Concepts. “ABC’s” is an acronym for Abolishing apathetic attitudes; Building Biblical behavior patterns; and, Choosing Christ-like character. We believe that through reminding ourselves and teaching our children about healthy attitudes and behavior, Christians could make a difference that would result in a worldwide revival. We think Christ-like character needs to be displayed and encouraged by Christians of all denominations. Pam began ABC’s Ministries as a way to allow family, friends, and other supporters to buy the book at a lower price than the retail market value. In 2006 she disbanded ABC’s Ministries to focus on graduate school.

In 2010 after completing both a M.A. (2003) and an Ed.S. (Education Specialist, 2009) degree in Adult & Higher Education, Counseling Specialization from Morehead State University, Morehead, KY Pam re-established ABC’s Ministries with her now husband, Milton J. Orgeron, as a partner and adding additional services, such as computer cleaning and See And Sing Choral Practice. With computer cleaning, computer viruses are removed and slow running computers work like new again. This service also is offered at a lower cost ($50) than those prices charged at computer repair shops or electronic retail stores. At the See And Sing website, choir directors can purchase practice files that will enable their choir to learn all the voice parts (SATB) for pieces that are above the choir’s actual music reading level. Singers learn their parts at home. Then the rehearsal time is used on musical expression with the entire group rather than on teaching parts.

In 2016 Milton and Pam added self-publisher to their resume after Pam wrote The New ABC’s of Life for Children and Adults: Short Stories, Essays, and Poems Promoting Christian Concepts (ABC’s Ministries, 2016) and We Survived Sexual Abuse! You Can Too!: Personal Stories of Sexual Abuse Survivors with Information about Sexual Abuse Prevention, Effects, and Recovery (ABC’s Ministries, 2016). Pam’s latest books are entitled Food as an Idol: Finding Freedom from Disordered Eating (ABC’s Ministries, 2017), A Legacy to Remember: “Recollections of a Common Man” (ABC’s Ministries, 2018), and Food as an Idol: The Types, Causes, Consequences, Conquering, and Prevention of Disordered Eating (ABC’s Ministries, 2019). All of Pam’s books may be purchased on the Web at Pam’s Amazon author page, Barnes & Noble, and other sites.

For more information on the services offered by ABC’s Ministries, please email Your support would be appreciated.


“Just reading the acknowledgment and introduction to Why Didn’t They Hear Us? was intriguing and inspirational. Right away I wanted to read more and many of my patients came to mind that could benefit and most importantly receive healing just knowing they are not alone with not being heard as a child. After reading the rest I believe there is much healing and encouragement to be found by all who will take the time to read this book. I will be recommending this as a must-read for many of the people who come to me for help.”

Eugene (Gene) H. Benedict MA LPC-S